About US


Dri Food Co (previously The Raw Food Company) is a producer of dehydrated fruit & vegetable products, which are included in a wide range of breakfast oats, raw, ready-mixed meals, ready-cooked meals and vegetable packets.


Our products are:
  • preserved
  • light-weight
  • quick and easy to prepare
  • tasty 
  • vegetarian-friendly
  • vegan-friendly

Our products do NOT include any:

  • chemicals, such as preservatives, colourants, flavourants
  • sugar


In May 2013, sisters Renette & Lizelle established The Raw Food Company. We originally intended to offer dehydrated fruit & veg as a convenient alternative to fresh fruit & vegetables, but soon realised the advantages of dehydrated vegetables on adventures! This spurred Renette on to create our first ready-mixed meals, which we introduced at the Market at the Palms, in Woodstock, CT.

After Getaway Magazine’s test kitchen gave us top score for the best hiking meals in 2014, our small, family-run business took off.

Renette since left Mzansi and her brain child – with a very heavy heart! She and her husband are now raising their lovely son in the United Kingdom, from where she’s still envisioning & testing new ideas for the company.

In 2016 Getaway Magazine, once again, rated our products the best hiking meals in South Africa. Lizelle & Jullian both resigned as educators to run the business full-time. Together they are passionate about this unique venture & satisfying the culinary needs of hungry adventurers, including hikers, trail runners, cross-Atlantic sailers and AfrikaBurners.


Our products are ideal for :

  • hikers, travelers and other outdoor sports people, who need quick, but tasty meals, which won’t take up a lot of weight, preparation time or space;
  • households without electricity or freezing facilities, as dehydrated products last for months, if stored in a dry, airtight container;
  • students or small households who want to include vegetables & fruit in their meals, but do not wish to buy a big variety of fresh produce, which could spoil before being consumed;
  • busy professionals, who do not have much time for preparation and cooking;
  • the elderly, wishing to eat healthy, but cannot keep a wide range of fresh food, nor have the energy for cooking every day.
  • people who find themselves in unfortunate situations, such as natural disasters and pandemics, where fresh food products are difficult to secure.