Green Bean Stew


Indulge in the hearty taste of our Lebanese-inspired green bean stew, a medley of simple vegetables cooked in a fragrant mixture of herbs and spices. Traditionally served as a side dish, this versatile meal complements all proteins. A modern twist on the traditional loubieh, our version adds chickpeas and peanuts, turning it into a substantial main course that brings comfort with every bite.
Served with white rice.


o Grains & Legumes : Chickpeas, White Rice
o Fruit & Veg : Green Beans, Onion, Potato, Tomato,
o Herbs & Spices : Coriander, Cumin, Garlic, Paprika, Parsley, Sea Salt, White Pepper

o Small – serves 1 : 115g rehydrates to ±500g
o Large – serves 2 : 230g rehydrates to ±1kg

Method 1
1. Empty the ingredients into a pot & add 1 pouch of boiling water.
Optional: Add a dash of olive oil for extra flavour.
2. Let stand for 15+ minutes to rehydrate. Add more water, as needed.
3. Stir and re-heat for a few minutes.

Method 2
1. Add ingredients and boiling water to a pressure flask, an hour+ before needed.
2. Shake occasionally.
3. Enjoy!

* Water measure:
Small pouch = 1½ cups or 375ml
Large pouch = 3 cups or 750ml

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Small, Large


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