Banana Cocopine Oats


Elevate your morning with a dose of fruity goodness. The natural sweetness of bananas and dates are given a tropical flair with pineapple and coconut flakes, while cashews and sunflower seeds add crunch. Packed with nutrients, consider turning it into a delicious smoothie.

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Method 1
1. Combine the contents with water.
2. Allow to rehydrate for 15+ minutes. Add more water to get your preferred consistency.
3. Enjoy it on its own, or with yogurt, milk, or a dairy alternative.
Suggestion: For a tasty overnight oats experience, leave the mixture in the fridge overnight.

Method 2
1. Combine the contents in a pot, with double the amount of water.
2. Allow to rehydrate for 5+ minutes.
3. Add salt to taste.
4. Stir over high heat until boiling.
5. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, or until rolled oats are tender, stirring frequently and adding more liquid to reach the desired consistency.
Optional: Add a knob of butter for extra creaminess.

Small – Serves 2 : 140g rehydrates to ±700g
Large – Serves 4 : 280g rehydrates to ±1.4kg
*The rehydrated weight will vary, depending on how much liquid is added for a thick or thin consistency.

Grains & Legumes : Rolled Oats, Wheat Bran
Fruit & Veg : Banana, Dates, Pineapple
Nuts & Seeds : Cashews, Coconut Shavings, Sunflower Seeds
Spices : Cardamom

Calories : ~490 kcal
Carbohydrates : ~66g
Sugars : ~34g
Protein : ~12g
Fat : ~21g
Fiber : ~10g
Please note that these values are calculated based on standard nutritional information for the ingredients. Actual nutritional content can vary based on factors such as brand variations and preparation methods.

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